Globalization and supply chain integration bring many benefits to consumers, and they can enjoy various products at reasonable prices. Globalization also makes it easy for consumers to buy the products they want from all over the world, so if the product is “no value” it will not be able to stay in the market for a long time, especially for high-priced products.

As for the outsourcing of products, manufacturers can reduce production costs in order to obtain a larger market at a lower price, but the reliability of the manufactured products may be reduced accordingly.

Many companies have tried to increase their sales through outsourcing and globalization, but this move has caused severe vicious price competition, reduced the profits of manufacturers, and made consumers no longer enjoy good and reliable products. Will easily wipe out their profits. In fact, the impact of customer returns or complaints on manufacturers is getting more and more serious. Compared with the quality of products today, only one of the people at that time will tell you that you are not satisfied. But with today’s widespread Internet, its impact is global and lasting, which may also damage the company’s reputation.

In fact, product performance and reliability are the best value of the product and the basis for customers to decide to purchase. This is the key to global survival competition. In other words, achieving high product reliability at a reasonable cost is a key success factor in today ’s electronics and machinery industry. Although product performance can be verified by different performance tests, reliability is the performance of the product as the customer uses it for a long period of time. Continued well. The test at the factory can only show the current quality of a product, but it cannot show the reliability of a product. On the other hand, the cost of unreliable loss at the client can be very high, even life-threatening.

Fortunately, after years of research, reliability engineering has progressed so that the product can be evaluated immediately before being given to customers. Reliability science is becoming more and more accurate in product life prediction and product attenuation prediction. The combination of reliability science and engineering design can guide the product to become its reliability after design and reduce many redesign cycles. With advanced material science and nanotechnology, new materials and manufacturing methods can also ensure product quality at a reasonable price and provide reliable technology to manufacture.

In view of the existing knowledge and technology, especially in Asia, where reliability science and technology are overlooked or misunderstood, the establishment of the reliability center can promote the growth of reliability science, engineering and technology knowledge, but it still needs to be in a harsh competitive environment. Reliability science and engineering continue to challenge research on new materials and applications.

Therefore, the Reliability Science and Technology Center is promoting basic research cooperation across national borders, aiming to encourage international corporate research units and schools to provide their reliability research results and use of reliability research products and systems for safe operation of products and systems. It has absorbed graduate students and researchers and university students from all over the world. It has also established cooperation with top universities in Singapore and the United States and is making progress in cooperation with more universities around the world to enable graduate students, researchers and university students to experience Taiwan ’s Industrial culture and the latest technology and methods, especially the reliability of professional courses to prepare for the challenges of entering the international industry.