Director Tan


The 31st CAE Technology Conference and Applied Technology Expo of Humen Technology in 2023 – 2023 Yula Cup Creative Competition won the top 12 entries.


Professor Tan’s industry-university cooperation with Infineon has won the Infineon Partner Award among many cooperative professors. Less than 10 professors are awarded annually in Greater China, and a total of 7 professors will be awarded in 2021, and Professor Tan is the only recipient from Taiwan.


Professor Tan Cher Ming from Chang Gung University, Center for Reliability Science and Technology is ranked among world’s top 2% scientists across all the discipline of sciences: 22 scientific fields and 176 sub-fields by Standford University.
And also ranked as top 1.71% Scientists in field of Applied physics.


Supervise Mr. Vivek Sangwan who received Best Presentation Award in the “第18台灣靜電放電防護技術暨可靠度技術研討會 (2019 Taiwan ESD and Reliability Conference)”, Hsinchu, Taiwan, 2019


Supervise Mr. Vivek Sangwan and Mr. Dipesh Kapoor who received Outstanding Student Paper Award in the “第18台灣靜電放電防護技術暨可靠度技術研討會 (2019 Taiwan ESD and Reliability Conference)”, Hsinchu, Taiwan, 2019


Supervise Mr. Vivek Sangwan who received best presentation award in 2nd International Conference on Communication Engineering and Technology (ICCET), Nagoya, Japan, 2019.


Received best paper award in 16th Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) Congress, Kazakhstan, 2018


Supervise Mr. Vivek Sangwan and Mr. Dipesh Kapoor who received best award in the “2018 CADMEN CAE UGM (Euler Cup)” conference for the IC simulation model



Ishikawa-Kano Individual Quality Award
The IEEE Region 10, also sometimes referred as the Asia Pacific Region, is one of the largest regions in IEEE. It comprises of about 57 Sections. The Region 10 Outstanding Volunteer Award aims to recognize those volunteers who have made outstanding contributions to a particular Region 10 section. IEEE Singapore Section Outstanding Volunteer Award 2012
IEEE Region 10 Outstanding Volunteer Award

Supervisor of a group of 4 undergraduate students who awarded the 2nd prize in the 2011 Staples Global EcoEasy Challenge, an international Competition on Office Supplies Design for Environmental Sustainability


Supervisor of Dr. Nagarajan Raghavan who won the IEEE Reliability Society Scholarship Award (an International Student Scholarship Award for EEE)

Service Enhancement Team Award: the Best Implementation Effort Award

Supervisor of Mr. Tay Zhi Xiong who won the Platinum Award of URECA Poster Competition


Supervisor of Mr. Li Wei who won the IEEE Electron Device Society Master Student Fellowship (an International Student Fellowship on EEE)


Supervisor of Mr. Li Wei who won the 1st prize of student paper award in the 2nd Symposium on Microelectronics, Singapore


Coaching of a group of 4 undergraduate students in business plan competition and awarded the top 15 teams in the LKY Global Business Plan


Training of a 3rd year student (Dr. Nagarajan Raghavan) who later on presented three papers in International Conferences and one paper accepted for publication in International peer review Journal, and submitted two papers to two International Journals.


Supervisor of Mr. Roy Arijit who won the 2nd best student paper award in the 1st Symposium on Microelectronics, Singapore


Supervisor of 2nd year students’ project on “reliability study of photovoltaic cells: application of nano-biotechnology” that won the silver medal of the EID competition


Awarded the International Educator of Year 2003 by the International Biographical Center, England on Reliability due to the achievement in the external reliability training conducted


Supervisor of the 2nd year students’ Project on “Development of Window-based Carrier Lifetime Measurement Tools for Semiconductor Industry” that won the Gold medal of the 1st EEE Technopreneurialship competition.

Prof. Kun-Mu Lee

2020 Ministry of Science and Technology 109th Mr. Wu Dayu Memorial Award: Associate Professor Li Kunmu’s research field is energy technology, combining novel organic-inorganic optoelectronic materials and discussing the internal interface impedance and defect control of optoelectronic components, and developing advanced coating technology that can be manufactured in large areas. The efficiency and high stability of the practical large-area optoelectronic module manufacturing process makes an important contribution.